In times of uncertainty, the sky is always there; blue, limitless and clear. Except for clouds. The sky evokes strong sensations in art, poetry and the gallery. Clouds gather in the Whitchell gallery with historical and contemporary painting, photography, sound, watercolour and sculpture, curated by Jenny Long.

Ros Bandt, W Rubery Bennett, Lina Bryans, Ernest Buckmaster, Rupert Bunny, Louis Buvelot, Mira Gojak, Murray Griffin, Will Ashton, Hans Heysen, Frederick McCubbin, W B McInnes, Dora Meeson, Vipoo Srivilasa, James Tylor (Nunga (Kaurna)), Munuy’gnu Marika (Rirratjigna), Naminapu #2 Maymuru (Mangalili), Edwin Stocqueler, R W Sturgess, Verey & Co, Roland Wakelin.

Image: Murray Griffin, Stooks and Storm, 1948, Oil on three ply wood, Thomas Hair and Caroline McCreery Bequest Fund, 1948

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