Cast Recast : Damon Moon

A second-generation maker, Damon Moon is one of Australia’s most respected and prolific ceramicists. Inspired by the beautiful gentle space of the Sinclair Gallery and CAM’s facade, Moon responds to architecture, pottery and process, creating a poetic and contemporary recast of the past. “The past is not separate from the present. In making work for …read more

Castlemaine Art Museum Opening Weekend

You are invited to the launch of a suite of major new exhibitions on Saturday 9 November, 2—5pm. FOYER, MCKILLOP, SINCLAIR GALLERIES From The Land WHITCHELL GALLERY The Unquiet Landscape HIGGINS GALLERY Janina Green in conversation with the Collection BENEFACTORS GALLERY Castlemaine Art Gallery: early acquisitions from the Collection Opening launch will feature a pay …read more

The Unquiet Landscape

WHITCHELL GALLERY The Unquiet Landscape takes the form of a conversation between D H Lawrence’s 1922 novel, Kangaroo and a selection of artworks. At the core of the exhibition are many paintings from the Castlemaine Art Museum together with important works by living artists. None of the historical or contemporary art included here was made …read more

From the Land

FOYER, MCKILLOP, SINCLAIR GALLERIES Womindjika Woorineen willam bit Willam DJA DJA wurrung Balug Wokuk mung gole-bo-turoi talkoop mooroopook Welcome to our homeland home of the Dja Dja Wurrung people we offer you good spirit Uncle Rick Nelson, Dja Dja Wurrung Elder Artists Peter Banjurljurl (Jinang), Batumbil Bararrwanga (Gumatj), Gabi Briggs (Anaiwan and Gumbangier)and Arika Waulu (Gunai and Gunditjmara), Alvin Darcy Briggs …read more

Janina Green in conversation with the Collection

Something in Janina Green’s hand printed, hand-coloured photographs of still lifes, landscapes and portraits, reminds me of works in the Castlemaine Art Museum. It’s neither the politics nor the unruly experimentation in Green’s work which remembers the Collection, but more so the sensibility: from CAM’s dark tonal paintings to delicate small still lives, naked women, …read more