Orbit: Kylie Banyard – Holding Ground

December 26 – January 31 2021, Benefactors Gallery. The first exhibition in CAM’s Orbit program; a series of exhibitions by artists who live and work in Central Victoria. Kylie Banyard’s practice is grounded in painting and intersects with photography, video and sculpture, as well as fields such as architecture and education. In her work, she …read more

Cloudy – a few isolated showers

In times of uncertainty, the sky is always there; blue, limitless and clear. Except for clouds. The sky evokes strong sensations in art, poetry and the gallery. Clouds gather in the Whitchell gallery with historical and contemporary painting, photography, sound, watercolour and sculpture, curated by Jenny Long. Artists Ros Bandt, W Rubery Bennett, Lina Bryans, …read more

the Way-the Water-the Walk

Punctum’s the Way-the Water-the Walk (Reserved for the Convenience or Pleasure of the People), invites the public into the complex balancing act of water management. With a focus on the Murray Darling Basin, it poses a ‘wicked problem’, one that is byzantine to behold and complex to solve. Presented in the Stoneman Gallery, part large …read more