#Perempuan 2021: Contemporary Indonesian Art

March 19 – October 2021, Stoneman Gallery. #Perempuan 2021 celebrates voices and unspoken stories of Indonesian women – a platform for artists to share issues that are not always openly discussed in Indonesia. Selected from the remarkable Project Eleven Collection, this exhibition explores activism, values and traditions through a broad range of art forms from painting, …read more

Melinda Harper: In Conversation with the Collection

March 19 – October 2021, Higgins Gallery. For three decades, renowned contemporary artist Melinda Harper has created bold abstract art across different mediums, including paintings, tapestries, ceramics and sculpture. Instantly recognisable for Harper’s instinctive and sophisticated understanding of colour placement. Continuing CAM’s In Coversation series, Harper has selected a fabulous range of works from the …read more

James Henry: 18 Families

March 19 – September 2021, Sinclair Gallery. 18 Families recognises the 18 ancestors whose descendants make up the thriving Jaara community who live in, around and beyond Castlemaine today. First Nations artist James Henry presents photographs of four families on country or in local parks, with the desire to photograph all 18 Families over time. …read more

Orbit: Harry Nankin – The Fall

March 19 – May 2 2021, Benefactors Gallery. The third exhibition in CAM’s Orbit program; a series of exhibitions by artists who live and work in Central Victoria. Harry Nankin is a photographer with a focus on the environment, history and memory. In this work, Nankin presents toned silver gelatin films recording shadows of animals …read more

Cloudy – a few isolated showers

Until late 2021, Whitchell Gallery. In times of uncertainty, the sky is always there; blue, limitless and clear. Except for clouds. The sky evokes strong sensations in art, poetry and the gallery. Clouds gather in the Whitchell gallery with historical and contemporary painting, photography, sound, watercolour and sculpture, curated by Jenny Long. Artists Ros Bandt, …read more