2017 Castlemaine State Festival

Castlemaine Art Museum is proud to present three exhibitions in the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival visual art program:


Leeroy New
Castlemaine Art Museum Facade

Leeroy New is one of the Philippines’ most intriguing young artists. In 2008, Leeroy won the prestigious Ateneo Art Award and took up a six-week residency at La Trobe University’s VAC (Visual Arts Centre) in Bendigo.  And now, Leeroy is back.

For the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival, Leeroy is creating a temporary sculptural installation, La Puerta Del Laberinto, for the exterior of the Castlemaine Art Museum. In keeping with Leeroy’s preferred installation method, La Puerta Del Laberinto (The Door of the Labyrinth), responds to the unique characteristics and context of place and will be made with recycled materials collected from the local area.

Leeroy’s works often intertwine the visual arts with fashion, film and theatre, as he takes his inspiration from mythology, film and video games.  Leeroy has been recognised and awarded consistently throughout his career, with his artworks featured beyond the Philippines in Singapore, Japan, Australia and in American pop culture, with one of his creations worn by Lady Gaga for her music video ‘Marry the Night’.

Leeroy has been invited jointly by La Trobe University and the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival, in conjunction with the Castlemaine Art Museum and the Ateneo Art Gallery, to bring his mastery to town.

Sponsors and supporters: Creative Victoria, Playking Foundation, Ateneo Art Gallery and La Trobe University

The Little House Project
Sinclair Gallery

The Little House Project is an art installation created in conjunction with ceramicist Ann Ferguson, for the Festival’s ASCEND* education program. Approximately 250 local children aged 4–5 years have explored the themes ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ in the creation of their own little clay house. Together these charming hand-made little houses create a village.
The village resulting from The Little House Project is proudly exhibited at the Castlemaine Art Museum.

*ASCEND – Arts, Society, Community, Education, Nurture, Development

Sponsors and supporters: Waller Realty and Gandel Philanthropy

The Little House Project Guide

The Extractive Frontier/Mining For Art
Higgins Gallery

Co-curated by Beverly Knight (Alcaston Gallery) and Clare Wright (La Trobe University)

Colonial history can be viewed as a series of frontier encounters based around the extraction of resources. How are the economies of such extraction (social, commercial, creative and political) reflected in art? In this exhibition, the artists will explore both the artistic heritage and contemporary manifestations of the act of ‘digging’ in former and current mining towns. What is found and what is lost in the process of excavation?

Taking mining as a metaphor, the artists (from places as geographically and culturally diverse as Yirrkala, Castlemaine, New Guinea and North Queensland) will explore themes implicit in the act of mineral exploration and exploitation: scarring, layering, excavating, prospecting, exchange, power, custody, resources, home, land, destruction and renewal.

Chris Barker (Castlemaine, Vic)
Penny Byrne (Melbourne, Vic)
Miriam Charlie (Borroloola, NT)
Gunybi Ganambarr (Yirrkala, NT)
Selby Ginn (Castlemaine, Vic)
Jacky Green (Borroloola, NT)
Taloi Havini (Bougainville, Papua New Guinea)
Naomi Hobson (Coen, Qld)
Judy Holding (Central Victoria, Vic)
Julie McHale (Tasmania & Castlemaine, Vic)
Shirley MacNamara and grandson Nathaniel MacNamara (north-west Qld)
Karen Mills (Darwin, NT)
Yhonnie Scarce (Woomera, SA)
Greg Semu (Sydney, NSW)
Mumu Mike Williams (APY Lands, SA)
Dean Smith (Central Victoria, Vic)
Damien Wright (Melbourne, Vic) and Bonhula Yunupingu (Gunyangara, NT)
The Hermannsburg Watercolourists (Central Australia, NT)

Sponsors and supporters: La Trobe University