David Tatnall: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

25 January - 9 March 2003


The exhibition comprises 50 photographs in black and white and colour.

The images have resulted from David Tatnall's travels over the last 20 years in the forests of Nepal, Cambodia, Peru and Australia, particularly Victoria.

Some of David's photographs are widely known from their distribution as posters for national parks services and campaigns. They are always rich and striking and engage the viewer with the fine textures and patterns of nature.

"Almost alone amongst artists and quite rare amongst modern photographers, he takes us to the natural world without artifice, without emphasis, without decoration, without altering a thing. And he opens our eyes and our hearts to something enduring, something very great." Philip Ingamells (from catalogue notes).


David Tatnall:
Snow gum, Swindlers Spur 1987