Michael Cartwright and Shona Nunan

Sculpture for the Florence Biennale
9 August - 7 September 2003

Michael Cartwright and Shona Nunan create art that achieves excellence and a unique expression, drawing on long experience of different places, cultures and traditions. Their art is created and exhibited as an integral part of their life together. They take all opportunities to create in different parts of the world and exhibit in an international network of galleries.

Their work will be shown in The Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea in Florence, in December, 2003. They have chosen to show these sculptures in their home town, Castlemaine, before the exhibition moves to Melbourne, ACCA/Malthouse Workshop, The Florence Biennale and then to Singapore, Art 2 Gallery.

The six major sculptures are the result of almost a year's work of the two artists and will be shown alongside their original maquettes. Michael's work is volumetric ­ beautiful tough reclining pieces in aluminium or bronze relating integrally to the environment. His three works, Reclining Bird, Wind, and The Kiss are animist pieces. His philosophy in art is everything is equal, leaving him to explore ideas and materials freely and unjudgmentally.

Shona's three sculptures in bronze have evolved partly from her womanhood series, Harvest, (maquette purchased by Singapore National Gallery) and Mother; and from the spiritual quest in Devotee. Her work is confident and strong, coming from a growing freedom and clear direction. The language of her art comes from the integration of cross cultural forms with archetypal themes.

Studio of Michael Cartwright & Shona Nunan


Shona Nunan
Devotee 2003


Michael Cartwright
Reclining Bird 2003