Raw and Compelling: Australian Naïve Art ­ the continuing tradition

14 May - 26 June 2005

An unusual exhibition showcasing the work of 20 Australian naïve artists, covering a period of 76 years.

The innocent and intuitively beautiful work of these untrained artists is characterised by eccentric composition, a passion for detail, miniaturisation and expressive colour. The themes are drawn from the artists' experiences of life and work, usually in regional areas. Directness of vision and the desire to communicate the subject matter result in extraordinary images.

Work such as this was enthusiastically taken up by artists such as Tucker, Nolan, Blackman and Olsen in Australia, and Picasso and Nicholson in Europe. It had an impact on their own work. The naïve vocabulary is now apparent in image making by contemporary artists in Australian and New Zealand.


Henri Bastin
West Queensland


William Yaxley
South Keppel Island