John Julian Gibbs 1859 - 1887

6 July - 24 August 2003

 J J Gibbs (1859-1887) was a student at the National Gallery School in Melbourne at the time of his death. His fellow students and friends included painters who are now famous as pioneers of Australian impressionism. Gibbs was regarded as their equal at the NGS and was active in their bohemian pursuits in the Buonarotti Club. His death under a train at 28 was a shock to his colleagues and left a gap in their ranks.

This exhibition brings together Gibbs' known surviving works and a complementary selection of works by some of his better known contemporaries.


John Julian Gibbs
Meal Time 1886


National Gallery School 1887

J J Gibbs, seated right, with fellow students
Llewelyn Jones, Phillips Fox, Longstaff, Williams,
St George Tucker, McCubbin, Davies, Altson and Colquhoun.