Common Thread ­ Catherine Pilgrim, Deborah Klein, Shane Jones

1 June - 14 July 2002

Fabric can be a real tease. It affects modesty with its promise to cover and conceal, yet its folds and creases belie the general forms and volumes contained within, while keeping one guessing as to the particulars. It seduces us with its softness, its colour and intricate patterns, its offer of protection, warmth, fashionability or glamour. It provides the most immediate clues as to our social and cultural affiliations - we are forever judging books by their covers, 'making' men and women from their clothes, their furnishings, their labels.

The Common Thread which binds artists Deborah Klein, Shane Jones and Catherine Pilgrim is their fascination with the aesthetic of cloth and its power of suggestion...

...Ultimately, all three artists in Common Thread recognise and embrace fabric's potential for mystery. They provide the snippets of a clue, tease with the promise of evidence, but ultimately deny entry into the secrets concealed within. Which begs the question - just what are they hiding?

(from the catalogue notes by Jazmina Cininas)


Shane Jones: Untitled 1999


Deborah Klein: 'Choker' 2001


Catherine Pilgrim: Untitled 2001