Geoffrey Dupree : From the MacDonnell Ranges

1 June - 14 July 2002

In 2001 Geoff Dupree made three visits to the rich and ancient MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. As a painter he was attracted to the beauty and variety of the place, but he was also stimulated to explore the representation of spaces devoid of measured human interventions or perspectival clues.

He was challenged by a place where the colours did not lend themselves to his normal habits of making forms and the delicate textures defied his demand for strong definition.

His response was to reduce the scale of his work to notepad size and employ the delicate media of pencil and watercolour. After two months he returned to Melbourne with a body of on-site notations which are the genesis of a developing project of landscape representation.

These works are a selection from the early stages of this project.


Geoffrey Dupree: Scrub and Rock Wall I 2001