Basil Eliades
Isolated Connections: The Landscape Politic

10 May - 7 June 2003

A major exhibition of paintings and an installation of 200 sheep skulls, with an opening performance.

From the catalogue essay by Lesley Harding (A colloquy on perspective: Basil Eliades' paintings of the land):

"Basil seems to choose a particular perspective for emotional reasons rather than because it literally represents what he sees, or because that viewpoint is a logical rendering of the landscape. In other words, he invests his work with instinctive response backed by what he calls 'cognitive constructs', so that the immediacy of his experience is linked to his broader field of vision and cognition. He sees and then paints inclusively, and in doing so offers his personal values and opinions about communal issues.

This methodology is far removed from painting alla prima, though Basil works from and responds to nature without venturing too far towards abstraction. The possibility of being above the land, at close range or vast distance, and most importantly within the land as part of it, rather than looking at it, are all explored in these works. This approach owes much to Aboriginal painting, where the land is not viewed objectively, but a part of all life and alive itself. ... physical proximity is inextricable from conceptual existence."

Eliades: Sheep

Basil Eliades
Sheep 2001-2003 (detail)

Eliades: Hill

Basil Eliades
Coven Hill #8 2000