Jack Courier (1915-2007) Lithographs

9 May - 21 June 2009

Courier was a student and associate of George Bell in Melbourne for ten years. He went to Europe in 1950 to deepen his artistic experience and became fascinated by the lithographs of Daumier, Cezanne and others. In London he studied drawing and lithographic technique for a number of years before returning to Melbourne in 1956. He taught in art schools until 1974, but his focus was on exploring and developing the art of lithography. He exhibited in solo and group shows over the years, but became dissatisfied with what he saw as the lack of real appreciation of the art and techiques of printmaking on the part of most galleries and purchasers. As a result he became rather reclusive and his work has not been much in the public eye.

Courier's wife Mary died of cancer at an early age and he left a bequest, including most of these works, to the RANZCOG Research Foundation which has sponsored the exhibition.

Jack Courier
Still Life

Jack Courier
Wool Sheds

Jack Courier
Standing Figure (Monique)