Walter Withers: 150 years

Alexander Colquhoun 1862-1941: Artist and Critic

3 October - 21 November 2004

This survey exhibition recognises the achievements of a very fine painter who painted chiefly from nature. There is a pleasing quietness in the landscapes and a wonderful atmospheric effect. Colquhoun's association with the famous impressionist group at Eaglemont, including Streeton, Roberts and Conder, has been totally neglected in published histories. He was also closely associated with John Longstaff and Max Meldrum.

The Yarra river, city laneways and street scenes were some of Colquhoun's favourite subjects. His sombre palette is touched occasionally with impressionistic accents.

As a writer and critic he did much to record the art history of his time and place. His writing, in books and in articles for periodicals and newspapers, shows him to be a cultured man possessing a wide acquaintance with classical and general literature.

This is the first significant exhibition of Colquhoun's work since his death. The works exhibited are from public and private collections.


Alexander Colquhoun



Alexander Colquhoun
Independent Church,
Collins Street

c. 1925

Alexander Colquhoun

Walter Withers 1854-1914: 150 Years

22 October - 21 November 2004

This exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of Withers' birth. The works are from the artist's family and the Gallery's permanent collection.

Withers was a notable figure in the Heidelberg School of Australian Impressionists. He lived and studied in Paris for a year when the work of Manet and Monet was receiving much attention. Back in Melbourne, he was closely involved with the Heidelberg painters, Roberts, Streeton, Conder and McCubbin. He was also an associate of Meldrum, Phillips Fox and the Lindsays. His palette was softer and his work more lyrical than that of the other Heidelberg painters, and he later incorporated art nouveau elements in his work.


Walter Withers c. 1906


Walter Withers
Untitled Landscape