Dorothy Braund Retrospective

19 November 2006 - 21 January 2007

A comprehensive restrospective exhibition of this modernist artist, in conjunction with Eastgate & Holst Fine Art.

A student and associate of influential Australian modernists Alan Sumner and George Bell, Dorothy Braund has had a long and productive career, all periods of which are represented in the exhibition.

Braund's work, in a restrained figurative style, begins with the natural world, people and activity, observed with distinctive wit and humanity. The subject is explored often through a series of works and refined and simplified. Characteristics of her works are economy of means, rhythmic tension of line, close colour harmony, and subordination of the object, focusing attention on the form and design which are the artist's primary vehicle of expression.

Richard Beck
Dorothy Braund

Dorothy Braund

c. 1955

Dorothy Braund
Curves and Perpendicular



Dorothy Braund
Reflections in the Dam