European Sensibilities
George Baldessin and his circle
Printmaking in Melbourne in the 60s and 70s

9 June - 29 July 2007

In the 1960s and 70s, Melbourne saw a renaissance in printmaking which is still influencing artists today. Partly because of post-war immigration from Europe, Australian society was becoming more open. The printmaking rebirth showed the influences of European and British film and literature and the exhibitions of pure abstract painting in Melbourne during the 60s, as well as the contact of some artists with Japanese printmaking of the time. Printmaking changed from being the preserve of the artisan and became a direct means of expression for artists who were also painters and sculptors. It was also seen as a means of making art more democratically available to a wider public.

This exhibition is a rich selection of works by George Baldessin, who was at the hub of this movement, and many of the artists who worked with him or were influenced by him. Nearly 90 works by 28 artists are on show.

Guest curator: Dick Turner

Heather Shimmen
Poor Artaud II

George Baldessin
The NM Remnant

Les Kossatz
Half round table

John Robinson
Cylinder 6

John Dent
Tribute to George Baldessin