Five Central Victorian Printmakers

7 August - 19 September 2004

Works by Liz Caffin, Jan Palethorpe, Linda Perry, Rhyll Plant and Vicky Taylor

The five artists, from the Castlemaine and Bendigo region, have all won awards for their work which shows outstanding technical skill and a diversity of personal vision and exploration.

Liz Caffin creates a world of small elusive figures moving mysteriously through landscapes and Italian Renaissance architecture, evoking connections in space and time.


Liz Caffin di quando in quando 2003

In contrast, Jan Palethorpe is creating large multi-panel works analogous to cinematic frames, freezing the imagined movement of the creatures she has encountered both mythically and physically.


Jan Palethorpe Python 2004

Linda Perry explores the 'uncomfortable edge between man and nature' using the textures of granite in images evoking nature's monuments (Mount Alexander), and man's monuments (headstone rubbings) which dissolve the 'uncomfortable edge' as both man and stone disintegrate.


Linda Perry Untitled 2004

Rhyll Plant's works bring together her interests in natural history, word play and the tradition of fine wood engraving. She has created a series of images based on traditional and homemade 'collective nouns'.


Rhyll Plant A Frieze of Penguins 2004

Vicky Taylor's ideas are sparked by her observation of people and the graphic vitality found in text and pictures. She focuses on the expressive human figure and face, on human relationships in the contemporary scene. 


VickyTaylor Lee 1996


VickyTaylor The Wedding