500 Fridays: 10 years of contemporary plein air painting

A Geelong Gallery touring exhibition

10 January - 27 February 2004

At a time when much contemporary art is in the digital or conceptual vein, innovative landscape painting still flourishes. This exhibition is a survey of work by a group of artists in Victoria who over the last ten years have set off each Friday to paint outdoors.

The group includes Rick Amor, Phil Davey, Mary Hammond, Michael Kelly, Deborah Russell, Ian Armstrong and Robert McLaurin. They have no collective allegiance to a particular style, but the works exhibited all demonstrate the continuing vitality of painting en plein air in Australia. They evoke the light, atmosphere and poetry of the everyday, and the pleasure of direct and spontaneous brushwork.

Phillip Davey
Sandridge Beach


Mary Hammond
Friday, Cottles Bridge

Michael Kelly
The pine tree